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Why Choose Us?


We have the necessary expertise, training, and equipment to handle exterior home improvement projects. 


We have the necessary tools and experience to complete projects that might take homeowners much longer to do on their own.


We have safety protocols and equipment to ensure that workers and homeowners are safe during the project.


We can prevent costly mistakes that could arise from DIY projects.

Exterior Rendering Services in Auckland

When repainting or renovating your home in Auckland, it is essential to consider exterior rendering. Qualified Exteriors provides top-notch exterior rendering services in Auckland at competitive rates. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and a successful track record. We strive for perfection in every project we undertake.

Whether your rendering project is large or small, we can handle it. We work closely with builders, contractors, and homeowners. Our versatility allows us to address any concerns regarding your home’s curb appeal. We enhance the overall appearance of your home’s exterior, ensuring a remarkably smooth finish for every component.

Our services include solid plastering, concrete plastering, exterior plaster repair, exterior brick rendering, and exterior plastering in Auckland. With our expertise as the leading exterior plasterers in Auckland, we have transformed numerous homes, elevating their curb appeal through trusted and exceptional exterior rendering services. Our commitment lies in delivering outstanding results at affordable prices.

Your search for a reliable company that offers expert exterior rendering services ends here! Work with the most qualified professionals and a team of experts at Qualified Exteriors.

For more information about our exterior rendering services in Auckland, call us today!

Are you Looking for Exterior Plastering Services in Auckland?

Exterior plastering plays a crucial role in the appearance of homes and buildings. It has the potential to either enhance or detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. This is why it is essential to engage the services of a reputable company that offers high-quality exterior plastering at a reasonable cost.

At Qualified Exteriors, we are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about enhancing the curb appeal of residential and commercial properties through our top-notch and affordable exterior plastering services.

When seeking exterior plastering services in Auckland, it is important to choose a company with a proven track record, expertise, reliability, and a history of satisfied customers. These are qualities that you can expect when you work with Qualified Exteriors and our team of skilled plaster specialists.

With our experience in handling diverse projects, we have developed effective solutions to meet various plastering needs. We prioritize affordability and reliability, ensuring that our services are accessible to all. By using high-quality materials and accommodating your schedule, we bring expertise and professionalism to every project. Our aim is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver outstanding results.

If you want reliable, trustworthy, and affordable exterior plastering services in Auckland, call us today!

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What are the benefits of plastering?

Plastering offers several benefits, including enhanced aesthetics by providing a smooth and polished finish to surfaces. It also adds durability and protection, safeguarding walls and ceilings against moisture and damage. Additionally, plastering contributes to soundproofing and insulation, improving the acoustics and thermal efficiency of a space.

Can plastering fix cracks in walls and ceilings?

Plastering is indeed an effective solution for fixing cracks in walls and ceilings. Skilled professionals utilize patching plaster to fill the majority of cracks, resulting in a smoother finish and enhanced appearance. Plaster effectively fills gaps and repairs damaged walls, providing a solution that improves the overall condition of the surface.

How long does plastering take?

The duration of plastering can vary depending on various factors, including the size of the area being plastered, the complexity of the project, and the drying time required for the plaster to set.

For smaller projects, such as patching up a small area or repairing cracks, the plastering process can be completed within a few hours or a day. However, larger projects that involve plastering entire walls or ceilings may take several days or even weeks to complete.

It’s important to note that the drying time of the plaster is a significant factor in the overall duration. Plaster typically requires several days to fully dry and cure before further work, such as sanding or painting, can be done.

To get a more accurate estimate of the time required for your specific plastering project, it is recommended to consult with a professional plasterer who can assess the scope of work and provide a timeframe based on their expertise and experience.

What materials do you use for plastering?

Certain common materials are used for plastering. The common materials are cement, aggregate, lime, water, etc. These materials are used for coating walls, ceilings, and partitions. Plaster is a pasty composition that fills cracks and gaps, and fixes damaged walls. We ensure each material is of the highest quality for improved wall longevity.

Do you offer free estimates for plastering projects?

Certainly, we understand the importance of providing accurate and transparent pricing to our customers. After considering all relevant factors, such as your specific requirements, the condition of the walls, the necessary time and labor involved, and other crucial aspects, we will gladly offer you a free quote. Our goal is to deliver the best and most affordable plastering services to our valued customers. Our experienced professional will carefully inspect the walls and the area requiring plastering in order to provide an estimate that aligns with your needs.

What sets Qualified Exteriors apart in exterior plastering?

Qualified Exteriors stands out as the premier exterior plasterer, offering unparalleled expertise in exterior plastering services. We specialise in solid plastering, exterior house plastering, exterior waterproofing, and exterior plaster repairs in Auckland. Trust us for top-notch craftsmanship and reliable exterior plastering services.

How do you ensure safety during exterior plastering projects?

Searching for trusted exterior plasterers near you? At Qualified Exteriors, safety is paramount in our exterior plastering in Auckland. Our dedicated team of plastering specialists follows stringent safety protocols, utilising the latest equipment. As trusted exterior plasterers, we prioritise the well-being of our team and homeowners, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for projects near you.

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Experience flawless finishes and enhanced durability with our expert solid plastering service. Transform your walls today with our skilled team’s craftsmanship


Revitalize your property’s exterior with our premium textured coating service. Achieve a stunning, long-lasting finish that protects against weathering and adds exceptional visual appeal.


Whether you need external walls and surfaces rendered, Qualified Exteriors can help. We have years and years of experience in delivering excellent finishes.


There are endless ways to give your walls a unique look. At Qualified Exteriors we use decorative effects and techniques as well as coloured plaster and a polished finish.


We can give your surface an awesome fire resistant finish, whether it’s an external wall, weather board, brick surfaces, concrete ceilings and even internal surfaces.


Auckland has had loads of issues with leaky homes and it’s important to seal your exterior walls to ensure that moisture won’t penetrate your house or commercial building.

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